Thanks again for making me look better than I could have dreamed and, as promised, making me feel like a million dollars.

I was the only one at the wedding with an elaborate hair do and some headgear. The look I was after came together perfectly.
The hair was a wild conversation starter as I was approached by so many girls in admiration of your work... much to the chagrin of their confused husbands not knowing how to respond to "Look at her hair, honey! Doesn't she look terrific?"
Most importantly, I felt completely sensational. My boyfriend Dave couldn't stop going on about how stunning I looked. So pleased to have had the opportunity of meeting you!
Polly Hadjiamin

Hello Susan, Just a quick message to thank you once again for making me and my family (especially me) feel like a million dollars. I had so many compliments on my hair. You did a fantastic job. Any further event I'm sure I will be coming to see you, and hope to see you in the near future for further transformations on my hair! Very best wishes

A great make-up artist is key. I found Susan Sutherland through word of mouth, she not only made us (maid of honour, mother-in-law, bridesmaid and me) look flawless for several hours, she was also incredibly easy and straightforward to work with.
I want to take this opportunity to thank you for everything that you did, not only the makeup but really making everyone feel comfortable (in spite of the language barrier), and for sorting out my hair fiasco. You really did save the day.
Alka Winter
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Just like to say a big thank you for doing such a brilliant job on my hair and make-up. I felt like a million dollars on the wedding day thanks to you. You're brilliant at your job don't ever give it up. Once again thanks Susan!'
Christine McPadden

'Susan was my ideal choice, she managed to fit the style of make-up to my chosen hair-style, my dress and my personality. I would recommend Susan highly to anyone, her advice she gave me during the consultation and the day I have added to my make-up regime every day. She managed to contend with my imperfections and extreme temperatures that Dubai offers and I felt like a million dollars on the day. She also has such a lovely relaxing nature it was a joy to share that special 'getting ready' time with her calming influence. Thanks Susan!'
Melanie Blackwell

I was so pleased with my hair and makeup, I felt like a total princess and everyone looked amazing, the bridesmaids all looked fantastic and everyone had a great day. That wouldn't have happened if we hadn't had all felt a million dollars – and we did because of your help! I wanted to say thanks for all the extra help you gave us with tying the dresses and helping Simons Mum, Liz, and my sisters with their make-up. I have no idea how we would have gotten into the dresses otherwise, we would have been all over the place! I was so pleased with everything you brought to my day and I just wanted to write and say so, if I am going to any weddings in the future I will recommend you as you were fab!
Ellen Conway